Mar 16, 2011

Senate Bill 9: Mitigating LWOP Sentences for Youthful Offenders

Senate Bill 9 is a sensible legislative proposal that deserves to become California law.  The proposed law allows a "second chance" for some prisoners who receive LWOP sentences (Life Without Possibility of Parole) for crimes they committed before the age of 18.

The law provides a second chance for offenders who receive LWOP sentences for aiding and abetting an adult offender. If such prisoners don't have other violent crimes on their record, they can apply for sentence reduction after serving at least 10 years in prison. 

Senate Bill 9 is a win-win proposal.  The law can help reduce overcrowding in prison while at the same time the possibility of release can motivate prisoners to engage in activities that demonstrate rehabilitation.  Let's hope the bill becomes law quickly.