Jan 28, 2010

Scott Roeder Asks Jurors for a License to Kill

Scott Roeder is charged with murdering Dr. George Tiller.  Testifying in his own defense at the trial, Roeder admitted that he killed Tiller.  And the killing was totally premeditated- Roeder bought a gun, practiced his shot, and killed Tiller inside a church.

Roeder explained that he had a good reason for shooting Tiller- Tiller performed abortions.  Roeder had the chutzpah to explain that "It's never up to man to take life," perhaps temporarily forgetting that he did exactly that when he shot Tiller. 

Roeder undoubtedly hopes that the jurors will find this a valid reason for killing, and if not acquit him at least convict him of nothing more serious than manslaughter.

If the jurors accept this disgusting defense, people like Roeder would have a license to kill anyone who disagrees with their religious beliefs.  Maybe today it's an abortionist, but who knows who would be next.  If your God disapproves of homosexuality, no problem, kill homosexuals.  If your God disapproves of inter-racial dating, no problem, kill those couples.  I write in the hope that sanity prevails on the jury and that Roeder spends the rest of his sorry life in prison.