Sep 10, 2009

Mike Duvall: Another Hypocrite Bites the Dust

Assemblyman Mike Duvall, who represents a section of Orange County in the California legislature, has resigned after his boastful comments to a colleague about his sexual conquests were recorded and broadcast. Duvall is another in a growing parade of family values married political hypocrites who have traded on their power to attract sexual partners.

Duvall's resignation comments were pitiful.  He said that he was saddened that his inappropriate comments had become a distraction for his colleagues.  Apparently he wasn't sad about bedding a woman who apparently is a lobbyist who did business with the committee of which Duvall was chair.

Duvall's resignation should not be the last we hear of him.  If he had an affair with a lobbyist, his behavior is criminal as well as unethical.  At least now we know what he and the other hypocrites mean by the term "family values": Try to establish as many families as you can.