Jan 29, 2009

Blagojevich: One Trial Down, One to Go

While our country has in recent years sent many soldiers to their deaths in an effort to bring the blessings of democracy to foreign nations, many home-grown politicians have done their best to prove that democracy is no guarantee of honest and competent leadership. Illinois Rod Blagovejich is the latest to fall, as the Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to remove him from office.  Blagojevich broke the law by trying to profit personally from his power as Governor to name a successor to President Obama as a Senator from Illinois. 

At least Blagojevich's removal from office means that he will have time to work on his defense to the federal corruption charges that he still faces.  If he hopes to stay out of prison, he'll have to do a lot better than his embarrassing tirade before the Illinois Senate in which he argued that he didn't do anything wrong, he'd just engaged in "politics as usual". Sadly, judging by contemporary political standards, he may be right.

Actually, Blagojevich may not be all that anxious to avoid prison. If he wants to get together with other former elected officials and talk politics all day long, prison is surely the place to be.